Aldo’s Italian Ice & Gelato

November 17, 2015 Aldo’s Italian Ice & Gelato turns to DLC Marketing Group to establish a Mobile First Strategy and yields promising results in first 30 days!

The Challenge

Aldo’s Italian Ice & Gelato is located in the Raley’s Shopping Center, on the South side of Tracy. Aldo’s opened their doors in July 2015. After a successful grand opening, Aldo’s quickly realized that almost everyone who came into the store had their Smartphone and the idea of creating a mobile first strategy was born. The concept of building a database of SMS subscribers and sending periodic messages to invite them back to Aldo’s was appealing. "As a new business to Tracy, the need to engage with our in-store customers was a must. Almost everyone you see is glued to their phones, we wanted to be able to reach our customers in a fast and efficient manner." explained Jennifer Allen, Owner Operator at Aldo’s.  Aldo’s next step was to find a Mobile Marketing Specialist to bring this concept to life.

The Solution

In October 2015, Aldo’s entered into agreement with DLC Marketing Group to create branded mobile landing pages and a text messaging service, to drive loyalty and mobile engagement. “After a couple of meetings with Aldo’s, it was very clear to me that they had fully adopted the idea of mobile and were ready to take it to another level” explained Tony de la Cruz Managing Partner at DLC Marketing Group. “It’s a pleasure to work with the staff at Aldo’s. The amount of pride they take is reflective in their product and service. They have taken huge strides in the first 30 days” continued Tony. DLC Marketing Group began creating custom Mobile landing pages and designed a text messaging system for Aldo’s to build an SMS subscriber database. “Having mobile landing pages is a nice way to enhance the mobile journey” states Tony. “The real ingredient is building the SMS database and getting the mobile subscriber back into your store” he exclaimed. Aldo’s will keep subscribers updated on new holiday flavors, mobile coupon offers, events and much more. "Working with DLC Marketing Group has been great! We are able to offer our specials and advertise our product easily and effectively” states Jennifer. “Since working with DLC Marketing Group, our sales have been steady even into our slow winter months. Our customers are excited to receive mobile alerts and exclusive offers." continued Jennifer.  DLC Marketing Group looks forward to building on the early success, while turning Loyalist into Brand Advocates. 

The Results

  • 65 Mobile SMS Subscribers in first 30 days
  • 4 Mobile Coupons redeemed in first 30 days (returning customers)
  • 74 Visitors and 61 Unique Visitors to the Mobile Landing Pages in first 30 days Click-to-Call 4, Click-to-Map 3 in first 30 days

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