Mobile City Coupons Platform

Simply a Better Alternative To Printed Coupons. It’s time we change the coupon industry once and for all!

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Mobile City Coupons is the first and only digital mobile coupon network of its kind! Consumers can save in the communities where they shop and eat, conveniently and without the hassles of traditional coupon ads. Paperless and contactless coupons are more desirable than ever. Let’s do our part to keep everyone safe.

Merchants can create Mobile Coupons in less than 15 minutes! In 4 easy steps, your coupons will be available and ready for redeeming.

Data shows that Text Mobile Marketing and Mobile Coupons are a powerful combo for generating sales and foot traffic to your business. Mobile Coupon are a great way to offer incentives to try a new product or clearing out the old products to driving brand awareness and consumer engagement. The report finds not only do Mobile Coupons drive foot traffic to store, people spend more when they have a coupon.

In fact, they spend $10 to $50 dollars more than anticipated when redeeming a Mobile Coupon. Moreover, consumers are 50% more likely to visit a store if they received a digital coupon.

Need more reasons? We are glad you asked! Sit down because you may find these mind boggling. We did.

90% of Consumers now actively use coupons. Digital coupon redemptions are set to help generate $91B in sales by 2022, from $47B in 2017

70% of consumers check their mobile devices for coupons and offers

Globally, the Mobile Coupon industry is slated to grow by 56.6% by 2025 – Ready Cloud

By 2022, Mobile Coupons will account for 80% of coupon redemptions – Juniper Research