Azhar Halal Market & Grill  

December 4, 2015 Azhar Halal Market & Grill creates mobile engagement with DLC Marketing Group and experiences great ROI in less than 90 days!

The Challenge

Azhar Halal Market & Grill opened its doors in September 2015 and is located off Grant Line Blvd. near Kaiser Hospital in Tracy, CA. As a new business to the Tracy community, they needed to formulate a Mobile strategy to stand out above the rest, while creating engagement with in-store customers. Their goal was to capitalize on their grand opening and keep customer coming back. “Specializing in quality products to various cultures, we had to find a way reach them on their most personal device and get them back into our store” explained Sayed Hashimi, President at Azhar Halal Market & Grill. Print and social media wasn’t enough to achieve this in the short term. Realizing that mobile is the bridge to onthe-go-consumers, they needed a swift way to get messages out to their shoppers. They quickly realized in order to do, this they had to find a true mobile partner that could bring these goals to reality. 

The Solution

In September 2015, Azhar Halal Market & Grill entered into agreement with DLC Marketing Group to drive engagement with in-store shoppers, while creating a fun and meaningful mobile journey away from the store. “It was evident that Azhar was committed to mobile marketing from the start” explained Tony de la Cruz Managing Partner at DLC Marketing Group. “Azhar continues to exemplify the true meaning of mobile adoption” continued Tony. DLC Marketing Group began creating branded mobile landing pages that showcased their menu items through professional imagery, while telling a story about their business.

The next steps were to incorporate an SMS text messaging platform, so customers could opted in to receive updates and exclusive offers. “The idea of reaching people in seconds with compelling offers and new grocery items was a business requirement” states Sayed. “DLC Marketing provides excellent customer service and their business acumen is stellar” continued Sayed. DLC Marketing Group continues to provide mobile strategy while offering a fully managed, mobile text messaging service. “Working with Sayed and his staff has been a pleasure but their go-to-market tactics, is what has made the difference in their early success” states Tony. “Their ability to understand the true nature of mobile marketing is what sets them apart” he exclaimed. Azhar will continue to send updates to promote new offers, products and services. DLC Marketing Group looks forward to building on the early success, while positioning Azhar Halal Market & Grill as a mobile-friendly business.

The Results

  • 246 Mobile SMS Subscribers in less than 90 days
  • 20 Mobile Coupons redeemed in first 60 days
  • 170 Mobile Landing Page visits
  • 134 Unique Visitors to Mobile Landing Pages

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